Samsung slip up at MWC?

So it's MWC time in Barcelona, the rumours about what could be released had me eagerly looking to see what might be my next mobile.

Obviously the expected big gun Samsung S5 was going to be announced. Well that has to be the biggest tech disappointment for me. For some reason Samsung released a phone which for the most part is worse than their 6 month old Galaxy Note 3. Each year the S range has spec wise been the best phone at least for a few months, but now Sony have out done them with the Z2 and are even planning to release it before the S5.

It seems strange that Sony are suddenly looking to win the spec race. Not only that but they are even talking about a new flagship every 6 months!

Meanwhile HTC have already mocked the S5 and alleged that their follow up to the HTC One, which is to be unveiled March 25th, will be superior.

I was certainly considering the S5 prior to the announcement, but now it is off my list. Essentially I would be surprised if their minor camera update would allow it to compete with the Sony Z2, Nokia 1020 or 1520. In fact the HTCs rumoured new camera might be able to surprise, but without OIS, a standard sized sensor and just improved focus speed it does not seem there is much to be excited about in the camera department.

Then you might consider the RAM, at 2gb it is great now but this year will be the year of 3gb for android and probably even for windows phone. The S5 looks worse than its rivals and the only real highlight is a removable battery.

Now my current contract does not run out until well after the HTC announcement, and I would certainly be tempted by the rumoured new Lumia 1820. I do have a bit of a quandary though, if HTCs announcement disappoints me and Nokia bring nothing new then the Sony Z2 will still be the best phone on the market for me...

But as I stated in an earlier post I do not intend to purchase Sony products any more due to their customer support treatment. As of now I would be choosing between the Lumia 1520/Icon or delaying for the Galaxy Note 4...can I really wait that long for new tech?!


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