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Sony: a case study in poor customer service

Some organisations are highly developed, they recognise the pervasive way that their brand is influenced by all the facets of their organisation. Just take a look at Apple, a highly popular and very successful brand that recognises that high quality software, combined with high quality hardware combined with high quality customer service. This is all wrapped up with a website which provides a relatively low level of support friction.

Sony sadly is not an example of a well structured support mechanism. Below I will provide an example of a poor customer service interaction I received with Sony, which started with failure of information in the website, this continue through to the Sony Centre store and resulted in disatisfaction in the Sony Centre, the Sony Support website and by proxy the whole Sony brand.

If you search for accessories under the NEX camera system they list numerous items which are not appropriate for an NEX camera, however, I did not realise this until I purchased on su…