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Cheap plastic comments

Like many with an interest in mobile devices I am curious about what the new Samsung Galaxy S3 will be like. I have viewed may rumour blogs and posts with interest, but I have noticed that a large number of users make the same comment, along the lines of

Same old cheap plastic design...  When I first purchased my Samsung Galaxy S (one) phone I loved the plastic backing.

The plastic is not cheap, in the sense that it is highly resilient and does not mark easily as numerous accidental drops can attest to.The plastic is very light, leading to my phone being nearly 20% lighter than an iPhone despite the large screen.Being a plastic design it allows for easy removal for replacement batteries etc.
The plastic being used is certainly stronger than you see on many cases, and the durability suggests to me that the plastic choice is a more expensive version than they could choose to use.

Many people seem to love the ceramic One X or Glass iPhone, or perhaps the aluminium of various other devices…