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Why should you use PDO?

I was recently asked if I could think of any good questions to ask a PHP programmer in an interview. Obviously this got me curious as to what Google might return for this query. I noticed that a few people recommended asking questions in relation to PDO. All people suggesting questions on PDO were forming questions where the answer essentially was that PDO should be implemented so that switching database is easy/easier. I have worked on numerous commercial products for a number of years and none of these have ever switched database. How common a change it is to switch database on a project? I can't imagine the % is very high, although I have not been able to find any figures on this. Additionally of the systems that require switching I suspect they are probably moving from an archaic language / database which does not support the system they are moving to, and so you are largely doing a complete rewrite anyway. Will SuperSQL++ 2040 support your PDO queries from PHP 5.6? Perha