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CORNING GORILLA GLASS 5 what does up to 80% mean for the Note 7.

To quote Corning "Introducing Corning Gorilla Glass 5, a new glass solution that raises the bar for protection against drops higher than ever, surviving 1.6-meter, shoulder-height drops onto hard, rough surfaces up to 80% of the time."

They then go on to say "...That’s up to 4X better in drop failure height than competitive glasses...". They seem to be very careful to say up to in both cases.

That caveat seems rather extreme. Unfortunately the published information only has a graph with "Normalized Average Height to Failure" based on "Incremental face drop on 180 grit sandpaper". Was it this test that they used for the derivation of the up to 80%?

Are hard, rough surfaces "180 grit sandpaper". What does "surviving" mean, are there no signs of damage? I would have assumed that you would have written "no signs of damage" rather than "surviving" as to me it sounds a lot better...

Additionally when tested was …