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jquery is the best

2 years ago my company required an autocomplete function for their search function inside their application.

Initially there was one real option, to use the Yahoo autocomplete utility. Well sadly this turned out to not be the best option. In fact most of our customer's ended up turning off the autocomplete function.

Over this year I actually decided to learn javascript and I stumbled across I went practically overnight from novice programmer to being able to write an autocomplete tool that was guided towards exactly what our customers wanted, and had features that I have not seen in any other autocomplete solution so far.

So what is "unique", and why did Yahoo's autocomplete tool not fit the bill.

Well I will start off with the problems with yahoo's tool
It is designed as an Autocomplete, what we really required was an "autosuggest"It created javascript errors intermittently when connecting to the data source, this would throw up a ja…

Well the family is selling the house in France

Well my family are finally selling their "Traditional Charentaise Farmhouse in Lozay". I have to say I am going to be jealous of the new owner, well because quite simply who would not want to live in a hot country and have your own swimming pool to fall asleep in.

If you are lucky enough to have the desposible income there is more info at this web site.