MongoDB VS Intersystems Cache Part 2 Query performance

As I alluded to in my previous post there are many reasons to pick a database, performance is only one of them, but as it is the easiest to objectively assess that it where I am starting.

So here is a quick look at query performance. So we have our 1,010,000 strong pair of databases.

So how about a count of the number of editions which have a 1 in them (about 47000).

MongoDB - 0.906 seconds
Intersystems Cache - 2.247 seconds

Well MongoDB takes a healthy lead in this respect. It should be said that by default MongoDB has its own query language, where as Intersystems Cache can be accessed through iteration or via SQL queries.

Now I could have biased the query strategy, for example Intersystems Cache is significantly faster at selecting whole phrases, e.g. searching a specific property which appears multiple times can be returned faster that MongoDB, but in both cases I was looking at 0.010 seconds VS 0.007 seconds. It was consistently faster although it was in the magnitude of microseconds, which can be important in certain contexts.


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