MongoDB VS Intersystems Cache Part 1 insert performance

While looking through stackoverflow I noticed an interesting question about the differences between Intersystems Cache and MongoDB.

Now these databases are substantially different in many respects, but both do allow for a more direct object mapping approach than you will normally experience in a standard SQL environment. Having read that MongoDB had recently secured $150M in financing I was curious as to what the platform was like.

Picking a database is never just about raw performance, but it is one of the most important aspects so I thought I would start with this aspect.

What I thought would be interesting would be to compare the insert performance of objects in Intersystems Cache VS the insert performance in MongoDB.

I took a very simple example, inserting 10,000 objects each with 3 properties, performed both tests 3 times on my laptop and averaged the results. There were no indexes defined. This is not exactly a great test but as Cache was significantly faster at doing this than MSSQL and MySQL in previous tests I thought I would be a good first look.

MongoDB - 0.436 seconds
Intersystems - 0.445 seconds

I then followed this up with a slightly larger 1,000,000 records.

MongoDB - 39.925 seconds
Intersystems - 43.445 seconds

Looks like they manage similar performance in respect to database inserts.

In part 2 I will look into query performance and more fundamental differences between the two NoSQL databases.


4W Tech said…
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Thank you for sharing about MangoDB Vs Intersystems Caché.
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