LG the surprise package

I had a look at the blind photo comparison on phonearena. It was interesting to see the differences between the top phones available in terms of there cameras. I felt it was a fight between phone 1 and phone 7. While in some cases the other phones were better overall these appeared to me to be the most consistent.

It was not a big surprise that my top pick was the Lumia 1520, the large camera sensor size and consistently good performance of other Nokia phones is well known, what did surprise me was that my second choice was the LG G2!

It does seem that LG might be making a step up to really challenge Samsung, they have made the last two nexus phones, and the G2 is currently selling at a relatively bargain price compared to most other top of the range phones.

Whats more they have developed self healing plastic and curved displays, rear mounted buttons, as well as what appears to be the best android camera. If they were to up their sensor sizes to match Sony and Samsung and keep the OIS it would appear that they could rule the roost for at least 6 months.

The main downside for LG at the moment is that their phones are not "pretty". Their relatively small bezel does help make it look reasonably high tech but overall the iPhone, HTC One and Sony Z2 all have a more striking appearance. Lets face it, if the phone does not stand out in a store it is not going to out sell Samsung and Apple any time soon.

I am now curious to see what the G3 might bring. It will probably be the most underrated phone of 2014 just as the G2 appears to be the most underrated phone of 2013.

Nokia Lumia 1820s are in the rumour mill too, will WP 8.1 be good enough to start displacing Android users in significant numbers. The rumours of solar powered & top spec phone certainly sounds interesting but realistically appears to be more of a wish list rather than something that could actually be released in 2014.


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