Google Now, annoyingly not good enough...

I read an article recently , the author stated he could not leave android because he was dependent on Google Now. I have had the opposite experience. Google now has progressively become less useful for me over time.

Every day I have at least one card...this is a weather widget. I have never really understood the desire to see the current weather. I am never far enough away from the window to need my phone to tell me the weather, what would be useful is being told how the weather might change, this however is a whole click away, and I rarely need this information anyway.

The second card is my commute tune to work. This is always wrong. I can guarantee that it is wrong by at least 33%. Google navigation even if it was right does not seem to offer traffic redirection.

There is a third card that I receive which is an update about my football team's up coming matches. This is the only card which is occasionally helpful, however, it is unreliable, for example last season it did not mention any of the Europa league matches and done of the cup matches.

My fourth card is a list of articles which I have recently read which have been updated since i have done so. Frankly I have too many new articles to read to go back to an old one to pay spot the difference.

Then I get the navigation time to some random place that I looked at on Google maps.

I used to gain some use from the football team card, however that was only when the Google now appeared in my notification area. However, now all I see is a link to view the 4 cards. An extra click and the additional information is distracting me from the only useful one.

I agree Google Now could be so useful if it can predict what I genuinely want to know and read about, but right now it is barely better than spam email. Too many unwanted cards hide the useful ones, and the truncation mechanism is based on the number of cards not on the available space in the notification area, which means information is no longer available at a glance.


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