Intersystems Caché performance testing part 2

Time For Write Performance to Shine?
Having struggled to achieve good read query performance I thought I would give the write performance a try.

Caché has suggested that its write performance is its real strength and so I thought I would have a quick comparison. I used the same simple table with 10,000,000 records. It only has a first and lastname value, I inserted 10,000 rows 3 times in each and took the average performance figure.

A Win for Caché?

I tried both SQL INSERT and creating objects using %Save() to see which was faster. I found SQL INSERT to be about 15% faster than using objects, so the figures below are from SQL INSERTS.

Caché 10,000 inserts 0.42 seconds, this went down to 0.38 on subsequent tests

MySQL 10,000 inserts 0.152 seconds. 
MSSQL 10,000 inserts 0.502 seconds.

Finally Caché performing well. What is an additional bonus is that Caché has good performance with sequential inserts which are significantly slower in MySQL.

Overall the write performance is not exactly astonishing, but certainly comparable with other databases.

From my basic testing the consistency of MSSQL probably makes it my database of choice, but MySQL's query cache performance and its good group insert performance certainly can be considered better in certain situations.

Back in 2005 I noticed the performance of MySQL was significantly better on a linux box of equivalent spec to a windows box. I do not know if the Windows version has improved or if this performance difference does exist, but it certainly would be interesting to find out.


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