Google's Annotated Time Line

Discovered a "bug" with Googles Annotated Time Line. I developed a lovely performance monitor which would monitor a large number of tests across our servers. The number of test was planned to be ever increasing.

Started off with 6 tests and everything was working fine. I added checkboxes to turn on/off the different tests using showDataColumns/hideDataColumns. This worked brilliantly.

The tests grew until there were 11 tests in total. At this point one of the checkboxes started failing. It was using hideDataColumns(id) where id = 10 to hide the tenth data column. Unfortunately this caused lines 0 and 1 to disappear from the Annotated Time Line.

It appears that if the value parsed is a string then it will interpret this as an array and so it is necessary to parse the values as integers.

Thought I would mention this incase anyone else came across this.


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