User interface design

I really do enjoy playing Fifa 11, but every time I do so I am reminded of possibly the worse user interface design in menu history.  OK perhaps I exaggerate, but for what is an advanced product with millions invested it in relatively speaking it has to be the worst menu design ever.

The first issue is accessing the menu.  To get to the Main menu to select the type of game you want is horrendous.  You first must press Enter to choose your language (why on earth is this not remembered on my HDD and changeable at a later date?), then you must press Start to exit the cut scene, then you must press Enter to acknowledge the message about auto-saving (I have acknowledged the message countless times, remember that I have done so!), then press start again.  Then I need to press start again to get to the menu from the arena!

Yes you counted it right that it 5 button presses just to get to the game menu, but hey there are still problems at this point.  I personally like playing career mode, so I select this option and then even though I have saved game data it always selects New.  This would obviously only be a minor flaw if selecting New did not lead to a 10+ second load time so I could quickly skip back...  This 10 second load time could be easily avoided as there are so many pieces of information that need to be collected before career mode can start a simple data entry screen could be loaded in a fraction of a second rather than a significant load time.

Seriously what other program has the same level of investment but takes 11 button presses to restart where you left off!

The game otherwise is generally well designed.  Although player switching is still frustrating as it selects the player I am aiming to choose 50% of the time.

Please EA fix the menus and the player switching an you have pretty much the perfect game...might be switching back to PES 2012 if you don't...


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