I feel like I am having a personal battle with SugarCRM at work. We have a professional licence and the most recent upgrade 5.0.0e has a large number of bugs that affect us.

I can see why the bugs exist, they fundamentally changed several important database relations, while retaining the old relationships. I assume they kept the old relationships so that they would not break existing modules, however, doing this has (for me at least) caused a lot more problems than it has solved.

I have logged 8 calls with SugarCRM so far after the upgrade. Each time they come back to me suggesting the problem is server related, or database connectivity, and they "cannot reproduce the problem".

I was most frustrated when I gave a 5 step procedure to replicate a bug using their own website. I received a response with a screen shot at step 4 saying "I cannot reproduce the behaviour you are talking about". After my reply saying that you missed out step 5 in the procedure and here is a screenshot of the bug it was logged against their bugs database.

Another issue that was frustrating me was suggested to be php sessions failing to write to the server. This seemed odd as it was the same single element in a whole page of elements was not populating correctly and that there had not been a problem prior to upgrade. As I was getting no where with the support team I went deeper into debugging and found that a specific javascript file was causing the problem. "quicksearch.js"

It was meant to give an autocomplete and validate on a specific field, but it has 2 issues.

1. It sometimes requests the wrong information if you use the delete key and so the array it comes back with is completely wrong.
2. Even when it gets the correct information it can cache the array incorrect and so fail to autocomplete / valid.

This problem took ages to work out as the quicksearch.js is written without any commenting, or spacing...

Anyway, I hope this time at the 3rd attempt they will log this one as a bug to be fixed.


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